Data.split(expression, positions, *, units=None, parent=None, verbose=True) Collection[source]

Split the data object along a given expression, in units.

  • expression (int or str) – The expression to split along. If given as an integer, the axis at that index is used.

  • positions (number-type or 1D array-type) – The position(s) to split at, in units.

  • units (str (optional)) – The units of the given positions. Default is same, which assumes input units are identical to first variable units.

  • parent (WrightTools.Collection (optional)) – The parent collection in which to place the ‘split’ collection. Default is a new Collection.

  • verbose (bool (optional)) – Toggle talkback. Default is True.


A Collection of data objects. The order of the objects is such that the axis points retain their original order.

Return type:


See also


Divide the dataset into its lower-dimensionality components.


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