A few example datasets are distributed within WrightTools. These make it easy to demonstrate and test data processing features. They’re also a lot of fun!

The following table contains every dataset distributed within WrightTools.

dataset axis expressions shape gallery links
BrunoldrRaman.LDS821_514nm_80mW ('energy',) (1340,) Resonance Raman
Cary.CuPCtS_H2O_vis (collection) ('wavelength',) (141,)  
Cary.filters (collection) ('wavelength',) multiple Optical Filters
COLORS.v0p2_d1_d2_diagonal [3] ('d1', 'd2') (21, 21) Fill types
COLORS.v2p2_WL_wigner ('wm', 'd1') (241, 51)  
JASCO.PbSe_batch_1 [6] ('energy',) (1801,)  
JASCO.PbSe_batch_4_2012_02_21 [3] ('energy',) (1251,)  
JASCO.PbSe_batch_4_2012_03_15 [3] ('energy',) (1251,)  
KENT.LDS821_DOVE [5] ('w2', 'w1') (60, 60) DOVE transform
KENT.LDS821_TRSF [1] ('w2', 'w1') (71, 71) Quick 2D, Quick 1D
KENT.PbSe_2D_delay_B [6] ('d2', 'd1') (101, 101)  
ocean_optics.tsunami ('energy',) (2048,)  
PyCMDS.d1_d2_000 ('d1', 'd2') (101, 101) Label delay space
PyCMDS.d1_d2_001 ('d1', 'd2') (101, 101) Label delay space
PyCMDS.w1_000 ('w1',) (51,)  
PyCMDS.w1_wa_000 ('w1=wm', 'wa') (25, 256) Tune test
PyCMDS.w2_w1_000 [4] ('w2', 'w1') (81, 81) Fringes transform
PyCMDS.wm_w2_w1_000 ('wm', 'w2', 'w1') (35, 11, 11)  
PyCMDS.wm_w2_w1_001 ('wm', 'w2', 'w1') (29, 11, 11)  
Shimadzu.MoS2_fromCzech2015 [2] ('energy',) (819,)  
spcm.test_data ('time',) (1024,)  
Tensor27.CuPCtS_powder_ATR ('energy',) (7259,)  
wt5.v1p0p0_perovskite_TA ('w1=wm', 'w2', 'd2') (52, 52, 13) Quick 2D Signed
wt5.v1p0p1_MoS2_TrEE_movie [2] ('w2', 'w1', 'd2') (41, 41, 23) Level, Colorbars
[1]Triply Resonant Sum Frequency Spectroscopy: Combining Advantages of Resonance Raman and 2D-IR Erin S. Boyle, Nathan A. Neff-Mallon, and John C. Wright The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 2013 117 (47), 12401-12408 doi:10.1021/jp409377a
[2](1, 2) Measurement of Ultrafast Excitonic Dynamics of Few-Layer MoS2 Using State-Selective Coherent Multidimensional Spectroscopy Kyle J. Czech, Blaise J. Thompson, Schuyler Kain, Qi Ding, Melinda J. Shearer, Robert J. Hamers, Song Jin, and John C. Wright ACS Nano 2015 9 (12), 12146-12157 doi:10.1021/acsnano.5b05198
[3](1, 2, 3) Ultrafast Dynamics within the 1S Exciton Band of Colloidal PbSe Quantum Dots Using Multiresonant Coherent Multidimensional Spectroscopy Daniel D. Kohler, Stephen B. Block, Schuyler Kain, Andrei V. Pakoulev, and John C. Wright The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2014 118 (9), 5020-5031 doi:10.1021/jp412058u
[4]Group and phase velocity mismatch fringes in triple sum-frequency spectroscopy Darien J. Morrow, Daniel D. Kohler, and John C. Wright Physical Review A 2017 96, 063835 doi:10.1103/PhysRevA.96.063835
[5]Multidimensional Spectral Fingerprints of a New Family of Coherent Analytical Spectroscopies Nathan A. Neff-Mallon and John C. Wright Analytical Chemistry 2017 89 (24), 13182–13189 doi:10.1021/acs.analchem.7b02917
[6](1, 2) Multiresonant Coherent Multidimensional Electronic Spectroscopy of Colloidal PbSe Quantum Dots Lena A. Yurs, Stephen B. Block, Andrei V. Pakoulev, Rachel S. Selinsky, Song Jin, and John Wright The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2011 115 (46), 22833-22844 doi:10.1021/jp207273x