Axes.contour(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Plot contours.

If a 3D or higher Data object is passed, a lower dimensional channel can be plotted, provided the squeeze of the channel has ndim==2 and the first two axes do not span dimensions other than those spanned by that channel.

  • data (2D WrightTools.data.Data object) – Data to plot.

  • channel (int or string (optional)) – Channel index or name. Default is 0.

  • dynamic_range (boolean (optional)) – Force plotting of all contours, overloading for major extent. Only applies to signed data. Default is False.

  • autolabel ({'none', 'both', 'x', 'y'} (optional)) – Parameterize application of labels directly from data object. Default is none.

  • xlabel (string (optional)) – xlabel. Default is None.

  • ylabel (string (optional)) – ylabel. Default is None.

  • **kwargs

    matplotlib.axes.Axes.contour optional keyword arguments.

Return type: