WrightTools.collection.from_directory(filepath, from_methods, *, name=None, parent=None, verbose=True)[source]

Create a WrightTools Collection from a directory of source files.

  • filepath (path-like) – Path to the directory on the file system

  • from_methods (dict<str, callable>) – Dictionary which maps patterns (using Unix-like glob wildcard patterns) to functions which take a filepath, plus the keyword arguments [‘name’, ‘parent’, and ‘verbose’]. (e.g. most from_<kind> methods within WrightTools) The value can be None which results in that item being ignored. The first matching pattern encountered will be used. Therefore, if multiple patterns will match the same file, use and OrderedDict. Patterns are matched on the file name level, not using the full path.

Keyword Arguments:
  • name (str) – Name to use for the root data object. Default is the directory name.

  • parent (Collection) – Parent collection to insert the directory structure into. Default is a new collection in temp file.

  • verbose (bool) – Print information as objects are created. Passed to the functions.


>>> from_dict = {'*.data':wt.data.from_PyCMDS,
...              '*.csv':wt.collections.from_Cary,
...              'unused':None,
...             }
>>> col = wt.collection.from_directory('path/to/folder', from_dict)