Data.downscale(tup, name=None, parent=None) → WrightTools.data._data.Data[source]

Down sample the data array using local averaging.

See skimage.transform.downscale_local_mean for more info.

  • tup (tuple of ints) – The collection of step sizes by which each axis is binned. Each axis is sliced with step size determined by the tuple. To keep an axis sampling unchanged, use 1 or None
  • name (string (optional)) – The name of the string. Default is None.
  • parent (WrightTools Collection instance (optional)) – Collection to place the downscaled data object. Default is None (new parent).

New data object with the downscaled channels and axes

Return type:

WrightTools Data instance

See also

Zoom the data array using spline interpolation of the requested order.