WrightTools.kit.fluence(power_mW, color, beam_radius, reprate_Hz, pulse_width, color_units='wn', beam_radius_units='mm', pulse_width_units='fs_t', area_type='even') → tuple[source]

Calculate the fluence of a beam.

  • power_mW (number) – Time integrated power of beam.
  • color (number) – Color of beam in units.
  • beam_radius (number) – Radius of beam in units.
  • reprate_Hz (number) – Laser repetition rate in inverse seconds (Hz).
  • pulse_width (number) – Pulsewidth of laser in units
  • color_units (string (optional)) – Valid wt.units color unit identifier. Default is wn.
  • beam_radius_units (string (optional)) – Valid wt.units distance unit identifier. Default is mm.
  • pulse_width_units (number) – Valid wt.units time unit identifier. Default is fs.
  • area_type (string (optional)) – Type of calculation to accomplish for Gaussian area. Currently nothing other than the default of even is implemented.

Fluence in uj/cm2, photons/cm2, and peak intensity in GW/cm2

Return type: