WrightTools.kit.zoom2D(xi, yi, zi, xi_zoom=3.0, yi_zoom=3.0, order=3, mode='nearest', cval=0.0)[source]

Zoom a 2D array, with axes.

  • xi (1D array) – x axis points.

  • yi (1D array) – y axis points.

  • zi (2D array) – array values. Shape of (x, y).

  • xi_zoom (float (optional)) – Zoom factor along x axis. Default is 3.

  • yi_zoom (float (optional)) – Zoom factor along y axis. Default is 3.

  • order (int (optional)) – The order of the spline interpolation, between 0 and 5. Default is 3.

  • mode ({'constant', 'nearest', 'reflect', or 'wrap'}) – Points outside the boundaries of the input are filled according to the given mode. Default is nearest.

  • cval (scalar (optional)) – Value used for constant mode. Default is 0.0.