Fringes transformΒΆ

An example of transform on a dataset containing fringes.

as taken, transformed


Correction factor applied to d1
Correction factor applied to d2
data created at /tmp/xkzrm3x9.wt5::/
  axes: ('w2', 'w1')
  shape: (81, 81)
axis w2 converted from wn to wn
axis w1 converted from wn to wn
axis wm converted from nm to wn
axis w1 converted from wn to wn
/home/docs/checkouts/ MatplotlibDeprecationWarning: Passing parameters norm and vmin/vmax simultaneously is deprecated since 3.3 and will become an error two minor releases later. Please pass vmin/vmax directly to the norm when creating it.
  return super().pcolormesh(*args, **kwargs)

<matplotlib.colorbar.ColorbarBase object at 0x7f86ac1ad6d8>

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

import WrightTools as wt
from WrightTools import datasets

p = datasets.PyCMDS.w2_w1_000
data =

data.signal_mean.symmetric_root(2)  # to amplitude level

fig, gs = wt.artists.create_figure(width="double", cols=[1, 1, "cbar"])

# as taken
ax = plt.subplot(gs[0, 0])
wt.artists.set_ax_labels(xlabel=data.w2.label, ylabel=data.w1.label)
ax.set_title("as taken", fontsize=20)

# transformed
ax = plt.subplot(gs[0, 1])
data.transform("wm", "w1")
wt.artists.set_ax_labels(xlabel=data.wm.label, yticks=False)
ax.set_title("transformed", fontsize=20)

# colorbar
cax = plt.subplot(gs[0, -1])
wt.artists.plot_colorbar(cax, label="amplitude")

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