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"""Constant class and associated."""

# --- import --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

import numpy as np

from ._axis import Axis
from .. import units as wt_units

# --- define --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

__all__ = ["Constant"]

# --- class ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

[docs]class Constant(Axis): """Constant class."""
[docs] def __init__(self, parent, expression, units=None, format_spec="0.3g", round_spec=None): """Data constant. Parameters ---------- parent : WrightTools.Data Parent data object. expression : string Constant expression. units : string (optional) Constant units. Default is None. format_spec : string (optional) Format string specification, as passed to :meth:`format` Default is "0.3g" round_spec : int or None (optional) Decimal digits to round to before formatting, as passed to :meth:`round`. Default is None (no rounding). """ super().__init__(parent, expression, units) self.format_spec = format_spec self.round_spec = round_spec
def __repr__(self) -> str: return "<WrightTools.Constant {0} = {1} {2} at {3}>".format( self.expression, self.value, str(self.units), id(self) ) @property def _leaf(self): out = self.expression out += " = {0}".format(self.value) if self.units is not None: out += " {0}".format(self.units) return out @property def label(self) -> str: """A latex formatted label representing constant expression and united value.""" label = self.expression.replace("_", "\\;") if self.units_kind: symbol = wt_units.get_symbol(self.units) if symbol is not None: for v in self.variables: vl = "%s_{%s}" % (symbol, v.label) vl = vl.replace("_{}", "") # label can be empty, no empty subscripts label = label.replace(v.natural_name, vl) val = round(self.value, self.round_spec) if self.round_spec is not None else self.value label += r"\,=\,{}".format(format(val, self.format_spec)) if self.units_kind: label += rf"\,{wt_units.ureg.Unit(self.units):~}" label = r"$\mathsf{%s}$" % label return label @property def value(self) -> complex: """The value of the constant.""" return np.nanmean(self.masked) @property def std(self) -> complex: """The standard deviation of the constant.""" return np.nanstd(self.masked)