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"""Variable class and associated."""

# --- import --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

import h5py

from .._dataset import Dataset

__all__ = ["Variable"]

# --- class ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

[docs]class Variable(Dataset): """Variable.""" class_name = "Variable"
[docs] def __init__(self, parent, id, units=None, **kwargs): """Variable. Parameters ---------- parent : WrightTools.Data Parent data object. id : h5py DatasetID Dataset ID. units : string (optional) Variable units. Default is None. kwargs Additional keys and values to be written into dataset attrs. """ self._parent = parent super().__init__(id) if units is not None: self.units = units # attrs if self._parent.file.mode is not None and self._parent.file.mode != "r": self.attrs.update(kwargs) self.attrs["name"] = h5py.h5i.get_name("/")[-1] self.attrs["class"] = self.class_name
@property def label(self) -> str: return self.attrs.get("label", "") @label.setter def label(self, label): self.attrs["label"] = label