class WrightTools.data.Axis(parent, expression, units=None)[source]

Bases: object

Axis class.

__init__(parent, expression, units=None)[source]

Data axis.

  • parent (WrightTools.Data) – Parent data object.
  • expression (string) – Axis expression.
  • units (string (optional)) – Axis units. Default is None.


convert(destination_units, *[, …]) Convert axis to destination_units.
max() Axis max.
min() Axis min.


full Axis expression evaluated and repeated to match the shape of the parent data object.
identity Complete identifier written to disk in data.attrs[‘axes’].
label A latex formatted label representing axis expression.
masked Axis expression evaluated, and masked with NaN shared from data channels.
natural_name Valid python identifier representation of the expession.
ndim Get number of dimensions.
points Squeezed array.
shape Shape.
size Size.
units_kind Units kind.
variables Variables.