WrightTools.data.from_Solis(filepath, name=None, parent=None, verbose=True) Data[source]

Create a data object from Andor Solis software (ascii exports).

  • filepath (path-like) – Path to file (should be .asc format). Can be either a local or remote file (http/ftp). Can be compressed with gz/bz2, decompression based on file name.

  • name (string (optional)) – Name to give to the created data object. If None, filename is used. Default is None.

  • parent (WrightTools.Collection (optional)) – Collection to place new data object within. Default is None.

  • verbose (boolean (optional)) – Toggle talkback. Default is True.


data – New data object. Channels: signal. If exposure time is in metadata, signal is given as a count rate (Hz). Variables, Axes: yindex and xindex (no grating) or wm (grating)

Return type:



When exporting as ascii, including metadata is optional. It is _strongly recommended_ that you include metadata in exports. Metadata informs the image creation date, exposure time, and axes. However, if metadata is not present, this importer will make its best guesses to populate these fields accurately.

Saving processed data (e.g. vertically-binned data) in Solis software can remove/omit important metadata, so we advise exporting the raw camera images.