WrightTools.artists.add_sideplot(ax, along, pad=0.0, *, grid=True, zero_line=True, arrs_to_bin=None, normalize_bin=True, ymin=0, ymax=1.1, height=0.75, c='C0')[source]

Add a sideplot to an axis. Sideplots share their corresponding axis.

  • ax (matplotlib AxesSubplot object) – The axis to add a sideplot along.

  • along ({'x', 'y'}) – The dimension to add a sideplot along.

  • pad (number (optional)) – Distance between axis and sideplot. Default is 0.

  • grid (bool (optional)) – Toggle for plotting grid on sideplot. Default is True.

  • zero_line (bool (optional)) – Toggle for plotting black line at zero signal. Default is True.

  • arrs_to_bin (list [xi, yi, zi] (optional)) – Bins are plotted if arrays are supplied. Default is None.

  • normalize_bin (bool (optional)) – Normalize bin by max value. Default is True.

  • ymin (number (optional)) – Bin minimum extent. Default is 0.

  • ymax (number (optional)) – Bin maximum extent. Default is 1.1

  • c (string (optional)) – Line color. Default is C0.


AxesSubplot object

Return type: