WrightTools.artists.stitch_to_animation(paths, outpath=None, *, duration=0.5, palettesize=256, verbose=True)[source]

Stitch a series of images into an animation.

Currently supports animated gifs, other formats coming as needed.

  • paths (list of strings) – Filepaths to the images to stitch together, in order of apperence.

  • outpath (string (optional)) – Path of output, including extension. If None, bases output path on path of first path in images. Default is None.

  • duration (number or list of numbers (optional)) – Duration of (each) frame in seconds. Default is 0.5.

  • palettesize (int (optional)) – The number of colors in the resulting animation. Input is rounded to the nearest power of 2. Default is 256.

  • verbose (bool (optional)) – Toggle talkback. Default is True.