WrightTools.artists.subplots_adjust(fig=None, inches=1)[source]

Enforce margins for generated figure, starting at subplots. .. note:

You probably should be using wt.artists.create_figure instead.
  • fig (matplotlib.figure.Figure (optional)) – figure to adjust. If not specified, current figure (plt.gcf) will be adjusted.

  • inches (float or length 4 list (optional)) – Spacing, in inches, between the figure edge and the subplot boundary (i.e. ticks and labels appear in the margin space). If margin is a float, uniform spacing is applied to all four sides of the figure. If margin is a list, unique spacing is applied along each side [top, right, bottom, left]. Default is 1.

See also


Visualize margins, for debugging / layout.


Convinience method for creating well-behaved figures.