WrightTools.artists.corner_text(text, distance=0.075, *, ax=None, corner='UL', factor=200, bbox=True, background_alpha=1, edgecolor=None, **kwargs)[source]

Place some text in the corner of the figure.

  • text (str) – The text to use.

  • distance (number (optional)) – Distance from the corner. Default is 0.05.

  • ax (axis (optional)) – The axis object to label. If None, uses current axis. Default is None.

  • corner ({'UL', 'LL', 'UR', 'LR'} (optional)) – The corner to label. Upper left, Lower left etc. Default is UL.

  • factor (number (optional)) – Scaling factor. Default is 200.

  • bbox (boolean (optional)) – Toggle bounding box. Default is True.

  • background_alpha (number (optional)) – Opacity of background bounding box. Default is 1.

  • edgecolor (string (optional)) – Frame edgecolor. Default is None (inherits from legend.edgecolor rcparam).

  • **kwargs (matplotlib.text.Text properties.) – Other miscellaneous text parameters passed to ax.text. Default font size is 18.


The matplotlib text object.

Return type: