WrightTools.kit module

General-purpose tool kit.

INI(filepath) Handle communication with an INI file.
Spline(xi, yi[, k, s, ignore_nans]) Spline.
TimeStamp([at, timezone]) Class for representing a moment in time.
Timer([verbose]) Context manager for timing code.
closest_pair(arr[, give]) Find the pair of indices corresponding to the closest elements in an array.
diff(xi, yi[, order]) Take the numerical derivative of a 1D array.
discover_dimensions(arr, cols) Discover the dimensions of a flattened multidimensional array.
enforce_mask_shape(mask, shape) Reduce a boolean mask to fit a given shape.
fft(xi, yi[, axis]) Take the 1D FFT of an N-dimensional array and return “sensible” properly shifted arrays.
flatten_list(items[, seqtypes, in_place]) Flatten an irregular sequence.
fluence(power_mW, color, beam_radius, …[, …]) Calculate the fluence of a beam.
get_index(lis, argument) Find the index of an item, given either the item or index as an argument.
get_path_matching(name) Get path matching a name.
glob_handler(extension[, folder, identifier]) Return a list of all files matching specified inputs.
intersperse(lis, value) Put value between each existing item in list.
joint_shape(*args) Given a set of arrays, return the joint shape.
leastsqfitter(p0, datax, datay, function[, …]) Conveniently call scipy.optmize.leastsq().
mask_reduce(mask) Reduce a boolean mask, removing all false slices in any dimension.
mono_resolution(grooves_per_mm, slit_width, …) Calculate the resolution of a monochromator.
nm_width(center, width[, units]) Given a center and width, in energy units, get back a width in nm.
orthogonal(*args) Determine if a set of arrays are orthogonal.
pairwise(iterable) s -> (s0,s1), (s1,s2), (s2, s3), …
remove_nans_1D(*args) Remove nans in a set of 1D arrays.
share_nans(*arrs) Take a list of nD arrays and return a new list of nD arrays.
smooth_1D(arr[, n, smooth_type]) Smooth 1D data using a window function.
string2identifier(s) Turn a string into a valid python identifier.
svd(a[, i]) Singular Value Decomposition.
symmetric_sqrt(x[, out]) Compute the ‘symmetric’ square root: sign(x) * sqrt(abs(x)).
timestamp_from_RFC3339(RFC3339) Generate a Timestamp object from a RFC3339 formatted string.
unique(arr[, tolerance]) Return unique elements in 1D array, within tolerance.
valid_index(index, shape) Get a valid index for a broadcastable shape.
zoom2D(xi, yi, zi[, xi_zoom, yi_zoom, …]) Zoom a 2D array, with axes.