WrightTools.data package

Data class and associated.

Data(*args, **kwargs)

Multidimensional dataset.

Axis(parent, expression[, units])

Axis class.

Channel(parent, id, **kwargs)


Constant(parent, expression[, units, ...])

Constant class.

Variable(parent, id, **kwargs)


join(datas, *[, atol, rtol, name, parent, ...])

Join a list of data objects into one data object.

from_BrunoldrRaman(filepath[, name, parent, ...])

Create a data object from the Brunold rRaman instrument.

from_COLORS(filepaths[, name, cols, ...])

Create data object from COLORS file(s).

from_databroker(run[, dataset])

Import a dataset from a bluesky run into the WrightTools Data format.

from_JASCO(filepath[, name, parent, verbose])

Create a data object from JASCO UV-Vis spectrometers.

from_KENT(filepaths[, name, ignore, ...])

Create data object from KENT file(s).

from_Aramis(filepath[, name, parent, verbose])

Create a data object from Horiba Aramis ngc binary file.

from_ocean_optics(filepath[, name, parent, ...])

Create a data object from an Ocean Optics brand spectrometer.

from_PyCMDS(filepath[, name, parent, ...])

Create a data object from a single PyCMDS output file.

from_shimadzu(filepath[, name, parent, verbose])

Create a data object from Shimadzu .txt file.

from_Solis(filepath[, name, parent, verbose])

Create a data object from Andor Solis software (ascii exports).

from_spcm(filepath[, name, delimiter, ...])

Create a Data object from a Becker & Hickl spcm file (ASCII-exported, .asc).

from_Tensor27(filepath[, name, parent, verbose])

Create a data object from a Tensor27 FTIR file.