WrightTools.exceptions moduleΒΆ

Custom exception types.

DimensionalityError(expected, recieved) DimensionalityError.
EntireDatasetInMemoryWarning Warn when an entire dataset is taken into memory at once.
FileExistsError Raised when trying to create a file or directory which already exists.
MultidimensionalAxisError(axis, operation) Error for when operation does not support Multidimensional Axes.
NameNotUniqueError([name]) NameNotUniqueError.
ObjectExistsWarning Warn that an HDF5 object already exists when a new one is requested.
TypeError Raised when an operation or function is applied to an object of inappropriate type.
UnitsError(expected, recieved) Units Error.
ValueError Raised when an argument has the right type but an inappropriate value.
VisibleDeprecationWarning VisibleDepreciationWarning.
WrightToolsException WrightTools Base Exception.
WrightToolsWarning WrightTools Base Warning.
WrongFileTypeWarning WrongFileTypeWarning.