WrightTools.artists module


Axes(fig, *args[, facecolor, frameon, ...])


Figure([figsize, dpi, facecolor, edgecolor, ...])


GridSpec(nrows, ncols[, figure, left, ...])


add_sideplot(ax, along[, pad, grid, ...])

Add a sideplot to an axis.


Quickly apply rcparams for given purposes.


corner_text(text[, distance, ax, corner, ...])

Place some text in the corner of the figure.

create_figure(*[, width, nrows, cols, ...])

Re-parameterization of matplotlib figure creation tools, exposing convenient variables.

diagonal_line([xi, yi, ax, c, ls, lw, zorder])

Plot a diagonal line.

get_color_cycle(n[, cmap, rotations])

Get a list of RGBA colors following a colormap.

get_scaled_bounds(ax, position, *[, ...])

Get scaled bounds.


Return a grayscale version of the colormap.

interact2D(data[, xaxis, yaxis, channel, ...])

Interactive 2D plot of the dataset.


Built-in mutable sequence.

pcolor_helper(xi, yi[, zi])

Prepare a set of arrays for plotting using pcolor.

plot_colorbar([cax, cmap, ticks, clim, ...])

Easily add a colormap to an axis.


Plot the components of a given colormap.

plot_gridlines([ax, c, lw, diagonal, ...])

Plot dotted gridlines onto an axis.

plot_margins(*[, fig, inches, centers, edges])

Add lines onto a figure indicating the margins, centers, and edges.

quick1D(data, *args, **kwargs)

Quickly plot 1D slice(s) of data.

quick2D(data, *args, **kwargs)

Quickly plot 2D slice(s) of data.

savefig(path[, fig, close])

Save a figure.

set_ax_labels([ax, xlabel, ylabel, xticks, ...])

Set all axis labels properties easily.

set_ax_spines([ax, c, lw, zorder])

Easily set the properties of all four axis spines.

set_fig_labels([fig, xlabel, ylabel, ...])

Set all axis labels of a figure simultaniously.

stitch_to_animation(paths[, outpath, ...])

Stitch a series of images into an animation.

subplots_adjust([fig, inches])

Enforce margins for generated figure, starting at subplots. .. note:: You probably should be using wt.artists.create_figure instead.