WrightTools.artists.quick1D(data, axis=0, at={}, channel=0, *, local=False, autosave=False, save_directory=None, fname=None, verbose=True)[source]

Quickly plot 1D slice(s) of data.

  • data (WrightTools.Data object) – Data to plot.

  • axis (string or integer (optional)) – Expression or index of axis. Default is 0.

  • at (dictionary (optional)) – Dictionary of parameters in non-plotted dimension(s). If not provided, plots will be made at each coordinate.

  • channel (string or integer (optional)) – Name or index of channel to plot. Default is 0.

  • local (boolean (optional)) – Toggle plotting locally. Default is False.

  • autosave (boolean (optional)) – Toggle autosave. Default is False.

  • save_directory (string (optional)) – Location to save image(s). Default is None (auto-generated).

  • fname (string (optional)) – File name. If None, data name is used. Default is None.

  • verbose (boolean (optional)) – Toggle talkback. Default is True.


List of saved image files (if any).

Return type

list of strings