WrightTools.diagrams.delay module

Delay space.

WrightTools.diagrams.delay.label_sectors(*, labels=['I', 'II', 'IV', 'VI', 'V', 'III'], ax=None, lw=2, lc='k', cs=None, c_zlevel=2, c_alpha=0.5, fontsize=40)[source]

Label the six time-orderings in a three-pulse experiment.

  • labels (list of strings) – Labels to place within sectors, starting in the upper left and proceeding clockwise. Default is [‘I’, ‘II’, ‘IV’, ‘VI’, ‘V’, ‘III’].

  • ax (matplotlib axis object (optional)) – Axis to label. If None, uses current axis. Default is None.

  • cs (list of matplotlib colors (optional)) – Color to label sectors. If None, sectors are not colored. Default is None.

  • c_zlevel (number (optional)) – Matplotlib zlevel of color. Default is 2.

  • c_alpha (number between 0 and 1.) – Transparency of color. Default is 0.5