WrightTools.data.from_Tensor27(filepath, name=None, parent=None, verbose=True) Data[source]

Create a data object from a Tensor27 FTIR file.

>>> import WrightTools as wt
>>> import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
>>> from WrightTools import datasets
>>> p = datasets.Tensor27.CuPCtS_powder_ATR
>>> data = wt.data.from_Tensor27(p)
>>> artist = wt.artists.quick1D(data)
>>> plt.xlim(1300,1700)
>>> plt.ylim(-0.005,.02)

(Source code, png, pdf)

  • filepath (path-like) – Path to Tensor27 output file (.dpt). Can be either a local or remote file (http/ftp). Can be compressed with gz/bz2, decompression based on file name.

  • name (string (optional)) – Name to give to the created data object. If None, filename is used. Default is None.

  • parent (WrightTools.Collection (optional)) – Collection to place new data object within. Default is None.

  • verbose (boolean (optional)) – Toggle talkback. Default is True.


New data object.

Return type: