WrightTools loads, processes, and plots multidimensional spectroscopy data.

“Multidimensional spectroscopy” (MDS) is a family of diverse analytical techniques that record the response of a material to multiple stimuli—typically multiple ultrafast pulses of light. Due to its diversity and dimensionality, MDS data is challenging to process and visualize. WrightTools is a freely available and openly licensed Python package that is made specifically for multidimensional spectroscopy. It aims to be a core toolkit that is general enough to handle all MDS datasets and processing workloads. Being built for and by MDS practitioners, WrightTools has an intuitive, high-level, object-oriented interface for spectroscopists.

For a more complete introduction to WrightTools, please click on the badge below to read our short three-page paper in the Journal of Open Source Software (https://doi.org/10.21105/joss.01141).


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